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POETRY CritiqueEssay description : This paper is about how to critique a poem. It explains the various devices that poets use to write a poem and that examiners use to grade a critique. It explains what a metaphor is and how rhythm is used. It is clear and concise for middle school levels between grade seven to grade ten.A poem is an essence of expression whereby figurative and rhetorical devices, rhythm and sound are often key elements. There is usually a theme or an idea in mind...friendship for example. Such a wide theme brings with it many aspects such as jealousy, betrayal or inspiration. With these certain aspects in mind, the poet chooses the appropriate words for which to express ...view middle of the document...

This time it might be the "muscled wall" or "chamber" that would substitute the word heart as a figure of speech.5. A SYMBOL is like a metaphor in that it is a figure of speech used to indicate something other that it's own meaning. Metaphors however usually involve two things from two very different backgrounds/context. A symbol usually has a close connection with it's implied meaning on various levels (ie visual, emotional). Symbols are often floated around faithfully through the years and therefore quite obvious when in use, though private symbols do also abound. The "cross" in Christian terminology represents a plethora of meaning including love and self-sacrifice.6. When an object is given the attributes of a human being, that is when it is given a personality of its own, one is using PERSONIFICATION. For example, one couldsay of a car, "she roared fiercely down the highway."RHETORICAL DEVICES :7. A phrase that contains two opposing words which seem self contradictory in meaningis an OXYMORON. egs. A "round square" or a "weak Hercules".A PARADOX is similar. It is a self contradictory statement which sometimes hasan explanation for its contradiction. eg. "A square that has been rounded" may haveoccurred due to some great physical force. "One of the coldest days in summer"could imply one of a person's saddest days that happen to occur during summer.8. An exaggerated statement such as "his stare could stop the world from turning" is aHYPERBOLE. It is used often to enlarge on a fact or an emotion. The opposite of that would be an UNDERSTATEMENT. Such a statement implies that any expression of a fact would be too inadequate, hence, "the hurricane merely took my home and business away, but that is all." "Merely took" is a sarcastic way of expressing one's loss; yet it carries with it a sad tone of surrender.9. There are two categories of IRONY. SITUATIONAL IRONY occurs when somethingthat goes in contrast to all circumstances and that is either not expected or desiredhappens. For example, when a soldier survives a devastating war only to returnhome and die from choking over a chicken bone. Someone who uses VERBALIRONY is actually using the opposite of a truth. For example, when a tired manexclaims, "Boy, I can climb up and down Mount Everest right now!" We often use such irony when we are sarcastic in speech. For example if we tell someone who isn't quite intelligent,"You can pass any examination with flying colours!"In both cases (ie. situational and verbal) , to appreciate its full meaning, one mustknow the context, the plight of the speaker/protagonist. In the latter case, wesometimes have to take note of who is the receiver of that verbal irony.SOUND VALUES AND FORM (VERSIFICATION) :In poetry, one does not only choose words for their meaning. The sounds of wordsalso play an important part in both the emotional and intellectual unity of the work.SOUND EFFECTS in poetry quite often involve the repetition of similar or exactsounding syllables.10...

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