How To Best Improve My Professional Sports Team

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How to best improve my professional sports team
The offseason should be the most productive time of the year for any team, in any sport. It has proven to make or break teams, time and time again. As a coach of a very successful MLS soccer team, my focus will be centered on improving the following three points; team dynamics, group cohesion, and individual leadership. By optimizing all three of these characteristics I hope to build a much stronger team and win the league championship.
My first point is focused on enhancing team dynamics. The first step in this is making my group of individuals feel as if they are a team of one, and not just a group of athletes who happen to be on the same ...view middle of the document...

I may have all of my goalies working together, competing with and challenging each other to get better. I may do the same thing with my forwards or my defenseman. The whole point is to get each player to interact with other players in the same position and to build their cohesion; once this is done it will be much easier to join the whole team together into a single unit. I also might consider setting a single challenging group goal, such as decreasing everyone’s forty time by two tenths of a second, or maybe increasing everyone’s squat by fifty pounds. These goals will give my team a sense of accomplishment and set a higher standard for the team as a whole (Weinberg & Gould 2011).
The last characteristic I would like to focus on improving in my team would be their leadership skills. A strong sense of leadership can be invaluable to a team. Strong leaders possess a number of qualities that benefit the team as a whole. Some of these include integrity, flexibility, loyalty, confidence, accountability, preparedness, and resourcefulness (Weinberg & Gould 2011). Ideally I would like to improve leadership in all individuals on my team to the point of self-regulation. In other words, teammates hold each...

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