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How To Become And Effective Student

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Manshack 1
Linda Manshack
Instructor L. McCary
English 105
March 15, 2011
How to become an Effective Student
Every year many students enter college with dreams and aspirations of becoming an effective student. However, not all students have a full understanding of the challenges that it takes to meet this goal. Many often ask themselves, “What does it take to become an effective student?” There are many answers to that question, but the problem is that most students do not understand how important time management and ...view middle of the document...

One of the keys to time management is: make a plan for school work then work the plan. Showing up to class and showing up on time is essential to any students’ college career. Class time is when information, assignments and handouts are given. With time management a student is able to take control of the work, reduce stress, and make the most out of student life.
Without proper study skills, a student will not prosper to the best of all abilities. The most essential factor in studying is to have an appropriate study environment. Noises can be distracting and interfere with studying. It is not just important to come to class but taking notes and participating in class room discussions is also beneficial to a students’ college career. When given the opportunity to read ahead then do so, by doing so a student is able to come to class prepared and ready to ask questions. Planning early for a test is imperative; therefore, students should not cram the night before an exam. Studying should be done in intervals of forty-five minutes at a time. Rest is important when studying; study when you are rested, alert and have planned for it. Many students are unaware that they should consult with an advisor throughout school. They are there to assist in choosing the classes to take, as well as, to help with giving any advice. There are many obstacles in life that can interfere with studying; however, it...

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