How To Become A Good School Administrator

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MPA 504

Reflection Paper on How to Become a Better Public Servant (Teacher)

Ria P. Pachica Dr. Angelina C. Villareal
(Student-Iloilo Group) (Professor)

I come to education later in life and with a passion.  I did not expect that I would have a second career.  I volunteered in a kindergarten class for a few hours a week to be generous to the community.  Quickly, I discovered that I was the one receiving the gift.  The children were extraordinary; exciting, challenging, and loving.  Her teachers and the other teachers I met at her school were extraordinary as ...view middle of the document...

  The brilliant body of work I was reading was ripe with opportunities to improve the outcomes and experiences of students today.  In not much time, it became clear to me that the second half of my life would be about children and their education.

Personal Characteristics That Will Make Me an Effective Teacher
I have been a teacher all my life in various ways.  I have a love of learning.  Sharing that learning is part of the fun.  I never imagined that I would, but I love the students.  I love their innocence and their simple joys and their fresh eyes as they look at the world.  I love the challenge of communicating ideas and skills.  I love the idea of leading a team of learners toward a goal of demonstrated mastery.  I love the idea of giving these children a set of skills and an outlook that will hold them, solid, brave, and capable, as they move through the balance of their academic career and through life.
I have no doubt that I can be effective.  I succeeded in the competitive world of Wall Street with a fraction of the passion, enthusiasm, and dedication I bring to this work.  By the end of 18 months of academic training, I will have the knowledge to be effective.  I have been in the classroom since the fall of 1997 and will remain there throughout my academic training.  I will have an added 14 weeks of intensive student teaching as the culmination of this program.  I am an all around teacher because I almost taught all the subject areas in my field. I am a trained sky diver and I worked as a trader and trading manager.  I noted with surprise a few months ago that when the atmosphere in the classroom becomes chaotic and loud, I just about reach my optimal operating level of stress.  I much prefer organized, calm, and quiet but I will have no trouble keeping a clear head during the challenging moments.
How I Will Stay Current as a Teacher
My love of learning will be a powerful force, driving my continued acquisition of pedagogical and content knowledge.  I am highly creative and will continue to experiment with learning tools and strategies.  I also have a high level of technical competence and look forward to exploring and expanding the limits of SMART boards ™ and other technologies[1].  I have a helpful quirk, not unlike OCD.  I am driven to the continuing pursuit of steady innovation and improvement[2].  I will work continuously to optimize my effectiveness and the joy of learning in my classroom.
I have complementary interests in education outside the classroom that will also keep me current, involved in educational innovation, and philosophy.  One of my early sources of insight into education came from Michael Gurian and his books (Gurian, 1999; Gurian & Stevens, 2005; Gurian, Henley, & Trueman, 2001; Gurian, Stevens, & King, 2008).  I became a certified Gurian trainer last summer and intend to continue learning, using, and teaching nature-based educational strategies.  I have also set up a small foundation with...

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