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How To Be Successful As An Hr Manager

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How to be Successful as a HR Manager

Understanding the Human Resource Management Concept

Critical for success for any associate who works in Human Resource management is to understand the Human Resource Management Concept. One must have a strong understanding of the various roles involved in Human Resource Management. Human Resource Management involves the management and operations of the following items: “job analysis, planning personnel needs, recruiting the right people for the job, orienting and training, managing wages and salaries, providing benefits and incentives, evaluating performance, resolving disputes, and communicating with all employees at all levels.” It is a function ...view middle of the document...

The HRM manager plays a crucial role in the success of any business. They acquire the human capital, train and develop, compensate, and handle associate issues. They work to ensure that the business is staffed and staffed with the right people. They also handle sensitive issues and complaints. These complaints include things like investigating and researching claims to determine the actual situation. Employee complaints should be taken seriously, they can include things like: sexual harassment, discrimination, and/or other legal issues. A HRM must understand the labor laws and other laws that protect and ensure a safe and equal workplace.
Key concepts of Recruitment and Selection
Recruiting is really about hiring the right talent. A HRM must ensure that they understand the job and requirements to be able to select the right person for the right job. A job analysis may be conducted so that a HR member can create a job description to attract the right person for the job. By creating a job description and placing it online or in a newspaper, a HRM can inform potential employees of the job opening. There are so many different ways to post a job. It can be done in print, a career website, and/or social media. With the all of the new technology, new ways are becoming available all the time.
Recruiting also includes screening and selection. Once a job posting has been made public, HR receives applications and resumes for the job. This also includes interviewing and processing applications. Once the applications and resumes have been screened including background checks, credit checks, and criminal checks. The HRM may require drug screening as well. Different levels of security checks may be in place depending on the sensitive nature of the job in question. For example, if Sally Jones applies for a job as a cashier at a local bank, she may be subjected to various background checks. Drug and criminal checks will ensure she is able to handle cash appropriately. The HRM can reduce the number into a list of potential applicants that can be interviewed. Interviewing involves various things. Some interviews can be based on behavioral questions, some can be based on job fit questions, or some can be based on case studies and/or role plays. An interview can be a single process or multiple steps and include different interviewing techniques. Once an HRM completes this process, they will be able to hire the right candidate. Once a candidate is hired, then the HRM will complete the onboarding process which is basically orientation for the new hire. HR policies and company policies are covered in great deal in the onboarding phase.
Key Concepts in Training, Development, and Performance Assessment
A HRM is responsible for training, development, and performance assessment. These are very important tasks as they can directly impact the business. If a HRM does not properly train or development associates, it can have severe implications on the business....

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