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The corporation follows the principles for responsible business and the corporate code of conduct.

Analyze Intel’s vision and mission for its organization, how was it implemented and the strategies had they implemented to strategically position them in a competitive market?
Analyze the Company Mission
According the company website, Intel Corporation’s mission statement is as follows: “Delight our customers, employees, and shareholders by relentlessly delivering the platform and technology advancements that become essential to the way we work and live.” As the world’s foremost manufacturer of technology-related products, Intel has continuously delivered on this mission. In the following paragraphs, the reasons why Intel has enjoyed such success with its mission statement will be delineated.
The first goal contained in Intel Corporation’s mission statement focuses on not only serving customers, but “delighting” them. In order to understand how Intel achieves such a goal, we must establish who constitutes Intel’s customer base. Intel’s customers include “original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) who make computer systems, cellular handsets and handheld computing devices, and telecommunications and networking communications equipment; PC and network communications products users (including individuals, large and small businesses, and service providers) who buy PC components and board-level products, as well as our networking and communications products, through distributor, reseller, retail and OEM channels throughout the world; and other manufacturers, including makers of a wide range of industrial and communications equipment.” A focus geared toward customers “causes managers to realize the importance of providing quality customer service.” By placing customers first—whether major manufacturers or PC users—Intel has been able to build a positive reputation with those who utilize Intel’s products.
Strong employee relations are important to the ultimate success of any company. Intel presently employs over 90,000 people in numerous countries, so the potential difficulties in “delighting” employees are quite plain to see. Intel overcomes the odds, however, and has been named one of the “100 Best Companies to Work for in America” by the Great Place to Work Institute for eight of the past nine years. In addition, Intel has been recognized internationally as an exceptional place to work.
Delighting shareholders is an essential element in raising capital to pursue growth in the technology industry. Over the past 20 years, Intel has delivered on its mission to delight shareholders by splitting its stock six times and increasing stock price nearly 5000%. Comparatively, Advanced Micro Devices has not split its stock during the past two decades and has seen only relatively moderate gains in its price per share. “Intel's approach to investors appears to rest on a principle of transparency and...

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