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How To Be A Succesful Mathematics Student

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How to be a successful mathematics student

‘’ Practice makes perfect’’ is what my mathematics teacher usually quotes when he talks about being a successful mathematics student. Mathematics has always been a struggle for me ever since I could remember, way back in primary and even secondary school. I could never really grasp the concepts of the operations. It was never really one of my strong subjects like English was.
I sighed and slouched down into my chair as my mathematics teacher entered the class, and I thought to myself ‘’ this is going to be long and boring’’ but keeping an open mind I sought to trick myself into believing that this ,might be interesting an could actually be useful in the future. Being that optimistic didn’t last for ...view middle of the document...

One of the qualities that will affect anyone’s ultimate success in any course, especially mathematics is the attitude towards that course.
I had to also think about mathematics as being fun, whether I believed it or not. Practicing and repeating mathematics as often as possible eventually lead, in my believing that it is indeed fun. Two ways in which I made it fun was creating games and formulating songs that helped me to remember complex operations.
However, recognizing that I had complete control over how well I did and deciding that I will make a serious effort to attain a passing grade, played an essential part in my success.
I decided that being successful is very important to me. I thought if I formulated reasons for wanting to be successful for example saying ‘’ I need to pass this course in order to continue in the program’’ that will serve as a drive in order to pass a mathematics course.
I also learned to listen to my instructor and I did my homework thoroughly. Maintaining those two are very crucial. The first time my instructor explained something was one of the only times, so I wanted to be part of it. Instead of rushing through my mathematics homework, I took time out to think through everything. I didn’t want to lose unnecessary points just because I made a mistake that could have been avoided if I had thought thoroughly.
Many of my friends and I sought to create a study group, so as to help each other through things we didn’t understand. Learning new things and having complex operations explained by peers was really helpful. It has always been said that one learns and understands better when taught by peers.
Successfully passing my mathematics course took a lot of hard work and dedication. I followed the steps and eventually came out triumphant.

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