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How to Avoid Plagiarism - Examples of Quoting and Paraphrasing*:

Quoting means using another author’s exact words in your text. The citation must be placed in quotation marks (“…”) in your text, using the appropriate bibliographical referencing style (see resources below). Websites, pictures, statistics, graphs and tables taken from another source must be referenced.
~ Referencing styles may vary according to faculty, discipline and even professor; ask your professor which style you should use (for example, APA, MLA, Chicago Manual).

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Over time technology has been instrumental in increasing industrial and agricultural production, improving transportation and ...view middle of the document...

~ Simply replacing words with their synonyms or changing the sentence structure is not sufficient when you are paraphrasing.

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“The multiplicity of strategies in cigarette ads show that the advertising agencies of contemporary capitalism are not at all sure as to what will attract consumers to their products, or with what images consumers identify. For, as I have been arguing, one of the features of contemporary culture is precisely the fragmentation, transitoriness and multiplicity of images, which refuse to crystallize into a stable image culture.” (p. 255)

Kellner, D. (1995). Media Culture: Cultural Studies, Identity and Politics Between the Modern and the Postmodern. New York: Routledge.

Multiple strategies in cigarette ads demonstrate that the contemporary advertising agencies do not know what images will attract consumers. Fragmentation, transitoriness and multiplicity of images are the features of contemporary culture that do not allow an image culture to stabilize.

The multiplicity of strategies in cigarette ads show that the advertising agencies of contemporary capitalism are not at all sure as to what will attract consumers to their products, or with what images consumers identify. For one of the features of contemporary culture are precisely the fragmentation, transitoriness and multiplicity of images, which refuse to crystallize into a stable image culture (Kellner, 1995).

Contemporary advertising agencies illustrate their uncertainty about what kinds of images consumers identify by using multiple approaches and strategies for advertising cigarettes. Kellner (1995) argues that contemporary culture, with its diversity of images, fragmentation and transitory nature, will never allow a stable image culture to emerge.

Kellner (1995) argues that cigarette ads, with their ever-changing strategies and images, demonstrate that advertising agencies do not know which images will resonate with consumers. He believes contemporary culture does not allow a stable image culture to form precisely because...

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