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How To Apply For A Job

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Stage 4

How would you apply for this job?

For this position I would write a letter or CV including the company name, address and the person who will be receiving it who will be Natalie Chalmers. I will make sure the letter is specific for the job and it grabs the reader’s attention to let them know why my letter of CV is worth reading. My letter will be written in a formal document that gives information about me, my personality and what I could bring to this job and also why I am committed to work here.

The following letter will include Key skills, Qualifications and Personality.

Key skills

Motivation: I think responsibility motivates me the most because when I am given something to do it’s my job to make sure I do my job well. Since I am a member of the media team in my church I don’t get to do all the massive tasks like filming yet, every little thing that’s given to me I will make sure I do it well until I am trusted enough to handle the massive tasks ...view middle of the document...

For this skill you need to develop time for everything, sometimes there just isn’t time for everything and this can lead to stress. Time management includes balancing your work and school work.


At the moment I am still studying at school and taking my GCSE’s so I haven’t got any formal qualifications. However in school I am studying Applied Business as one of my options for my GCSE’s. I am still only in year 10 and still have yet to learn. Just because I haven’t got any qualifications doesn’t mean I can’t be given the chance to learn more about the business as a Club Shop employee.


To be a club shop manager you need to be:
• Confidence: You need to confident because you need to confide in yourself that you can do any task that comes your way. ’m not that confident and I think that is one of my weakest points.

• Good Sense of Humour: This is a very important skill because if you have a good sense of humour people will like being around you and you will just be a pleasure to work with. Everyone will know you are the one who makes everyone laugh and when you’re not there people will miss you because you are the one that brighten everyone’s day. I don’t think I have a very good sense of humour at all but sometimes I say things that are not really funny but for some reason people find them funny.

• Patience: To have patience is to handle criticism.

• Friendly: To be friendly at work means to be kind, gentle and helpful. I am friendly because I’m not a negative person, I always think positive but I’m not sensitive meaning I don’t take everything too seriously.

• Organized: This is a very special skill because to work as a club shop employer you need to be very organized, keep the stock organized, keep the store cleaned etc. I try to be organized when I give in my homework or coursework on time, go to school on time.

The reason I am interested in this position because although I don’t support this team I love watching football every Saturday and I used to play in a girls football club so this would be my way to help the club. Since I am studying Business studies this will help me learn more about how a business is run and controlled.

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