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CMIS 102 Hands-On Lab
// Week2
This hands-on lab allows you to follow and experiment with the critical steps of developing a program including the program description, analysis, test plan, design, and implementation with C code.
Program Description:
This program will sum two integer numbers to yield a third integer number. It will also divide two float numbers to yield a third float number. Once the calculations are made the results of all the numbers will be printed to the output screen.
We will use sequential programming statements.
We will define 3 integer numbers: a,b,c.
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// It will also divide two float numbers to yield a third float number.
// Declare variables
Declare a,b,c as Integer
Declare f as Float
// Set values of Integers
Set a=10
Set b=20
Set c=a+b
// Print c
Print a,b,c
Set f=75.0
Set g=3.0
Set h=f+g
// Print h
print f,g,h

C Code
The following is the C Code that will compile in execute in the online compilers.
// C code
// This program will sum two integer numbers to yield a third integer number.
// It will also divide two float numbers to yield a third float number.
// Developer: Faculty CMIS102
// Date: Jan 31, 2014
#include <stdio.h>
int main ()
/* variable definition: */
int a, b, c;
float f, g, h;
/* variable initialization */
a = 10;
b = 20;
c = a + b;
printf("Integers (a,b) and sum (c) are : %d,%d,%d \n", a,b,c);
f = 75.0;
g = 3.0;
h = f/g;
printf("Floats (f,g) and quotient (g) are : %f,%f,%f \n", f,g,h);
return 0;

Results from running the programming at

Learning Exercises for you to try:
1. How would you change all the components if you wanted to output the product of f and g as opposed to the quotient? (Hint: Each step would be changed slightly.)
2. Why do you need %d for printing integers and %f for printing floats? Would the code work properly if you switched those values (e.g. used %f for integers and %d for floats)?
3. What additional test cases could you use to validate your program works?

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