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How The Mining Activities In Kakadu National Park Impact On Its Biophysical And Cultural Environment

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The mining activities play important roles in the Kakadu national park bringing jobs and money to the region. Since the mines establishment in 1980 and 1998 there has been much debate over weather they should be there. People have argued over the impacts it would have on the environment and on the people who live there most of who are Aboriginal. So, how have the mining activities in Kakadu National Park impacted on the biophysical and cultural environment?Firstly lets look at the resident's main cause for protest against the min, the risk of contaminants being released from the site. The Ranger mine is one of the most ...view middle of the document...

It will then go through the same process. At the Jabiluka mine things are run much the same, they have retention ponds to keep runoff from flowing into the water supply. This above shows that there is a great danger to the native wildlife in the park but also that there is a severe risk of contaminating the water supply, which has left the residents fearful of contamination.Another activity that has been bought on by the mines construction is the increase in human traffic around the area. This has led to the cutting down of trees to make more roads and improve the one's already there to accommodate for the traffic in and out of the area. This is not just affecting the native plants in the area but also the native wild life that live in the area of the roads, their habitats if not destroyed by the clearing will be disrupted by the sounds of cars and trucks driving past. There will also be more clearing to provide housing for the workers in the mine and their families. The other problem with increased traffic is the carrying in of weeds on feet and cars. This could lead to a major weed problem is the national park that could threaten many of the native species.As you can see, the mine has led to many problems that impact on the biophysical and cultural environment. There is the risk of contaminating residents of the park human, animal and plant and the clearing destroying the habitats of the animals and the weeds. By all this you can see the mines impact.

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