How The Media Affects Policy Making Through Their Reporting

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How the Media Affects Policy Making Through Their Reporting

October 30, 2011

How the Media Affects Policy Making Through Their Reporting
The debate over how fairly and unbiased the media presents their reporting on issues to the public is an ongoing one. There are those who say the form of the media in which it is presented may have a lot to do with its influence on public opinion. Although, there are others who believe all forms of media hold the same amount of influence. Over the past week, media in the form of newspaper and television has been compared to each other in its reporting on various public policies. The New York Times and ABC’s World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer ...view middle of the document...

ABC’s World News Tonight focused on topics such as GOP candidate’s wives, and saving the Lakota. Stories which were focused on public policy could vary from the proposed bank card fees to the Alabama Immigration Law (ABC News, 2011). In terms of equal focus on public policy, the newspaper showed more focus on the subject.
Presence of Objectivity or Bias
When reading through stories over the week regarding public policies, The New York Times does its best to present to the public informative articles minus any leading opinions. The articles usually follow the format of presenting the issue, the people or organizations involved, background on the issue, and the effects the issue could have if it is not resolved correctly. There were occasions where a proposed solution was offered, but it was not generated by the newspaper. Instead, it was usually the viewpoint of one or more of the key players.
ABC’s World News Tonight was more prevalent in leading the public toward a particular way of thinking and feeling. Their presentations were based on more of an emotional response from the public than a cerebral one. Articles were accompanied by videos, photos and interviews which are used in sensational journalism. These tools can be very persuasive, and Diane Sawyer uses them frequently to sway her viewers to her way and the networks way of thinking about both humanistic stories and political public policy.
In-Depth Reporting
The New York Times articles were very informative. Background information on the topic was included in many articles. There were also separate articles which gave the reader a chance to delve deeper and understand more of the topic so the article would be more meaningful and easily understood. The presence of...

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