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How The Institution Handles Deviants Essay

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Deviance and Society
Unit 8 Paper: Institutions and deviance
Monday, June 18th, 2012

How the Institution Handles Deviants

Institutions have made systems, regulations, and rules in an effort to make those who we define as a deviant restrict such behaviors. To manage deviance institutions use restraints, medicalizations, rules, pass them along, punishment, ignore them, hide them, fix them, isolate them, sort them, and challenge/undermined them. Medical institutions for the mentally ill can use any and all of the above techniques to manage deviant behaviors. Legal institutions like police stations, jails, prisons, and courts use the techniques that deal less with medicalizing deviants; ...view middle of the document...

So what is the next step, does the legal system continue allowing for people to use such a dangerous drug at the risk of another violent incident? Or will laws amend, as they generally do when such occurrences do (prohibition and sales of certain items), to make this over the counter drug with effects stronger then crystal meth illegal? Another drug that can be put through this perspective is the K2, similar to marijuana, which has also had violent effects on users? Or better yet, will they handle this on a case by case reading and blame a drug when something tragic happens and ignore or hide the problem before such things happen?
The Normal Crimes journal is about the systematic categorization of crimes that have been produced in an effort to make profiling easier, generate a better knowledge of reaction of the inmates in jails/prisons, set apart “white-collar crime” for “vicious/malicious crimes”, and make deviance seem easier to understand. The flaw in this is that those participating in crimes come from all backgrounds and have all different upbringings, their perspectives are all varying from one perpetrator to the next, and deviance will never be easy to understand. It is clear that in this journal the main technique in focus is the sorting of deviants, which is important in some cases. Take for example; it would not be wise to put a child molester in the same cell as an irate, underage drunk who was once molested, this is because it can go two different ways of which generates undesirable situations and consequences.
On Being Sane in Insane Places was about the medical institutions’ reaction to deviant behaviors and faking the way through the process of being schizophrenic. It opens with the idea of the legal system pinning psychologists and psychiatrists against one another in an effort to make the...

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