How The 60's Changed Our Lives, Includes Lyrics Of Jim Morrison

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The human race was dying outNo one left to scream and shoutPeople walking on the moonSmog will get you pretty soonEv'ryone was hangin' outHangin' up and hangin' downHangin' in and holdin' fasthope our little world will lastAlong came Mister GoodtripsLooking for a new shipCome on people, climb on boardCome on baby, now we're going homeShip of foolsShip of foolsThe human race was dying outNo one left to scream and shoutPeople walking on the moonSmog gonna get you pretty soonShip of foolsShip of foolsShip of foolsShip of foolsShip of foolsShip of foolsShip of foolsYeah, climb on boardShip's gonna leave y'all behindClimb on boardShip of foolsShip of fools--Jim Morrison, The Doors (Sugerman ...view middle of the document...

To themselves, they were the dawn of a new society in America. A psychedelic society, almost utopian, in which love would be everywhere and people would help each other. (O'Neill 127)Drugs were very quickly associated with the hippies. You could often see people smoking marijuana on sidewalks, in parked cars, in doughnut shops, or relaxing on the grass of a public park, anywhere (O'Neill 125). LSD was also very prevalent. Both were to make the user more aware of reality, and to expand their minds. In an interview, Joyce Francisco said 'Whenever I find myself becoming confused, I drop out and take a dose of acid. It's a shortcut to reality; it throws you right into it. Everyone should take it, even children. Why shouldn't they be enlightened early, instead of waiting until they're old (O'Neill 134).Sex, or rather the promiscuity of sex, was quickly associated with Hippies as well. Nude parties, where people painted each other, were easily found. 'Free Love','Make Love, Not War', and 'If it feels good, it must be good' (Zappa 98) were some of the mottoes of their generation, which changed many of society's rules governing our clothing, speech, and taboos about sex, into the more relaxed ones of today.Because of the drugs, and the sex, and the immense population that was doing them, crime was reduced greatly. Even the most conservative members of a neighborhood would admit that the streets were safer than they had been for years. No one would rather worry about hoodlums carrying switchblades, when now they only had to step over an occasional giggling freak on the sidewalk(O'Neill 131).During this decade, the Vietnam war began, and many people joined groups dedicated to stopping the war. The Business Executives Movement, Chicago Area Draft REsistors, Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors, Committee for Non Violent Action, Campaign to Stop Funding the War, national MOBilization to End war in vietnam, National Coordination Committee to End War in Vietnam, National Peace Action Coalition, The Resistance, Student Mobilization Committee, Student Nonviolent Coordination committee, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, War Resistors League, and Women Strike for Peace, to name just a few (DeBenedetti XV-XVI).Demonstrations on November 5-8, 1966 in New York, played a large part in linking the hippies with the anti-vietnam movement. About 3,000 hippies gathered in downtown New York and marched to the city's rally of 10,000. They were dressed in old clothes, largely military, had 'outrageous hairstyles' and were carrying an enormous stage prop Yellow Submarine. The hippies made the madness of the crowd into an occasion for joy and humor. There, Jerry Rubin remarked that he was all for the Marxist tradition 'the revolutionary tradition of Groucho, Chico, Harpo, & Karl (DeBenedetti 161-2)'Abbie Hoffman, and Jerry Rubin both were very influential in the anti-vietnam movement. Organizing marches, and leading their own fiascoes. One of...

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