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How Surveys Are Distributed Essay

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Carlette Powell
02 December 2013

How the Survey Will Be Distributed and Collected

One key factor in usable responses and accuracy of data in surveys is how they are distributed and collected. To protect the privacy and identity of employees of Our Lady of the Lake Hospital (OLOL), the survey needs to be anonymous to protect confidentiality and prevent bias. With this approach employees have an opportunity to be honest when their identity is not revealed and their response cannot trigger ...view middle of the document...

An adequate deadline would then be set to give employees time to use all avenues given to collect all information needed. To collect the data there will be stations set up throughout the hospital to collect the surveys by hand (i.e. cafeteria, break-rooms, and nursing station). Additionally, a link will be provided on the OLOL website to submit the applications electronically one completed and provide contact information for questions concerning completion.

are mailing it directly to their home will team up with him and resources and have these surveys mailed and employees check stubs

Customized surveys help you define current attitudes among employees and patients that you can use to improve satisfaction and value. Survey results can also help you capitalize on strengths in order to improve patient loyalty or employee retention.

Customized surveys help you define current attitudes among employees and patients that you can use to improve satisfaction and value. Survey results can also help you capitalize on strengths in order to improve patient loyalty or employee retention.

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