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How Risky Is Your Uber Driver?

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How risky is your Uber ride ?

Boston Native Alejandro Done
Age 47, guilty serving 12 years in prison for raping a young female passenger.

Uber is a multinational transportation service that allows drivers to use their own cars and be their own bosses. Uber has become the most preferred and widespread transportation services, due to its convenience and cheaper fare rides than taxis. However, this expansion has led to several faulty background checks on drivers that resulted in several rape incidents. Since Uber is a cheaper way of moving around, drivers have to put more hours of work and tend to be from low to middle class backgrounds. Uber has provided so many ...view middle of the document...

Traditional views of women have created a male chauvinistic society where women and men aren’t viewed as equal. Over the course of history, women have made tremendous developments to break these stereotypes, however, it’s still resides. Some men think of women in a sexual manner and will never view them as their equal counterparts. Unfortunately, some of these sexual desires to remain the superior gender has led to several cases of rape. In addition, Media’s constant portrayal of women in a sexual manner has made the transition even more difficult.
Social conflict reporters have viewed sexual harassment and violence as inequality. Uber drivers have to work more to increase their income as fares tend to be cheaper. Social conflict perspective highlights the struggle of society being divided by social inequality and conflict. The Feminist approach addresses the gender inequality problem and explains that social problems arise from men’s dominance over women. Physical aggressiveness has become defined as masculinity and superiority over the weak or less worthy. Feminist reporters believe that there is an underlying motive to the behavior as opposed to the desire to have sex. Rape is about maintaining traditional order of inequality between the genders. Women are placed at a disadvantage with lower paying jobs and not as equal to their male coworkers. Theorist Friedrich Engels, argues that patriarchy has been on the rise ever since the hunting days. Men would usually do the hunting while women, stayed at home with the kids. Men would enjoy most of the power surplus from agriculture and crops. In comparison to women, who have been taught that happiness lies within marriage and that her role is to take care of kids.
Trying to break free from this mentality, feminist believe that rape and sexual harassment will only end when society places women in the same level as men. An interview with a female Uber driver is a definite reflection on the feminist viewpoints. The female Uber hesitated to start a job as a driver fearing the passengers she might pick up along the way. Male dominance over women has instilled a fear and has lowered the chances of women having job opportunities. The constant notion of women being less worthy or less capable of handling the same jobs as men has also contributed to this decrease. The capitalist structure, is set up to put people with less social and economic power at greater risk of criminal involvement. With Uber expanding, it has become easier and easier for drivers to receive their Uber license and start their job whether they have criminal chargers or not and vice versa. Customers using Uber don’t have any background checks, all they need to do is download the app. This exposes the women or men drivers to danger as well.
Furthermore, that...

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