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How Relevant Is The Concept Of Teamwork And Teambuilding In Making A Business Work Well?

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How relevant is the concept of teamwork and teambuildingin making a business work well?Teamwork and teambuilding are crucial within organisations if goals are to be achieved efficiently and effectively. The organizational objectives are becoming more and more complex and challengeable in modern society. As a consequence, individuals will not be able to accomplish the set goals smoothly as most of us are not geniuses. Teamwork can amalgamate the intelligence, experience, knowledge, skills and commitments of the team members into a more forceful drive. It will ultimately be more than the simply algebraic sum of the team members. Teambuilding is the premise of teamwork. It makes teamwork work. ...view middle of the document...

Another advantage of teamwork is individual participation and improvement. Within the team, team members are provided an opportunity to participate in decision making about how the business operates. Since they feel that they are insiders instead of outsiders, they will be highly motivated and contribute at their highest level of experience and expertise. For the individual team member, they can learn a lot from their teammates when working together towards the common objective. Everyone has inevitably a certain kind of shortcomings or weakness. With teamwork, team members get a chance to improve themselves. Teamwork develops an individual's ability and self-confidence. Team members try to contribute a lot to the team, rather than getting support from others. Otherwise the member will face the danger of being washed out. Once the team member has learnt more and done better, he or she will gain respect and self-esteem from the group. Stephen Covey (2001) had an excellent description about teamwork:"Dependent people need others to get what they want. Independent people can get what they want through their own efforts. Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success".Moreover, leadership can be developed by teamwork. Equal participation in teamwork does mean no leadership. On the contrary, leadership is the determinant factor for a successful team. Leadership is the ability to get people to do willingly what they might not spontaneously do on their own. Individuals with leadership qualities have a special effect on others - they command respect and admiration, motivating others to follow them. A good leader strives to become aware of the abilities of subordinates or associates in order to guide them toward goals that they are capable of attaining. Genuine assertiveness is required, but that does not mean aggression, force or coercion. Ultimately, a team leader wins others over by influencing their willingness to act, rather than by forcing their...

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