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How Plants Avoid Sunburn Essay

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   In chapter 5, we learned about one of the most important roles in plants, which is photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants,algae, and some microorganisms harness solar energy and convert it into chemical energy, this is done through pigments in plant cells. These pigments have distinct colors because some absorb more wavelengths then others. For example, carotenoids, these accessoery pigments reflect longer wavelengths of light, making them appear red, orange,or yellow. Carotenoids perform two major functions in the process of photosynthesis. One purpose is to serve as excessory light pigment and the other purpose to serve is to protect the ...view middle of the document...

The objective in the scientific article was to measure the conductivity and the length-dependence of the tunneling rate for Single-Car molecules under potential control. Measuring electron transport under potential control allows us to simulate the redox environment of the Car under natural conditions.The main objective in the popular article is to find out how the carotenoids participate in photosynthesis.Their method was to measure single molecules under potential control and are a insulated probe to enable measurements in a conductive electrolyte. They performed the measurements in an oxygen-free electrolyte based on an organic solvent. The peer related article only informed me on the environment the experiment was going to take place in. Both investigations brought major findings to the table. Fisher and the scientist he worked with found a way to measure the electrical conductance within such an important biomolecule. They also concluded that carotenoids in an uncharges state can readily handle the electron overload from the sun. The conclusion of this article was 100% supported by the data- in the popular journal it does not give that information. Other results have been published on this experiment such as Marcus' theory. In this theory the redox energy level is related to the redox potential. If the mechanism is tunnel transport through states that do not relax as a result of transport, then the conductance peak will be shifted from the formal potential by an equal amount. Our analysis implies that transport is mediated by tunneling unaccompanied by relaxation. 
I found the clarity of the writing to be neutral. The popular article was a no brainer- it was straight to the point, offered some core information but minimal. The scientific journal on the other hand was lengthy but very well written and explained. The two articles support each other in the sense that they are basically speaking about the same thing just ones summarized. The scientific article gives examples and charts while the popular does not. The scientific article provides you with every question you might just have on the experiment.

A recent study on HDAC2 may provide benefits to the 8 million Americans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. In the scientific article a team of researchers from Emory, University of Miami and Scripps Research Institute has identified a compound that can reduce PTSD-like symptoms in mice after they are exposed to stress. The popular article was written by Rick Nauret on January 27,2014 in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The discovery could lead to a treatment given to people shortly after a traumatic event, aimed at preventing possible PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).The team’s research meshes with recent studies —  hinting that morphine administration after traumatic injury may lower the risk of developing PTSD.At first glance, one might infer that the main mechanism by which...

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