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How People Remember Events Essay

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The world we live in is not exactly an anodyne place due to violence, wars, racism, and conflicts towards others. Some groups such as Neo Nazis bring back a memory of Hitler as they perform their hatred acts towards Jewish and minorities. Some people try to remember past events as they wanted them to have happen and some remember past events as they actually happened. Though some people and some authors remember events as they would like them to happen, some authors such as Ernest Hemingway remember and write events as they really occurred, though he claims A Moveable Feast to be fiction due to liability purpose. In A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway demonstrates that his style of writing ...view middle of the document...

His memory had played a big role in the development of his work. (152; ch.7)1
Ernest Hemingway writes about the truth being in the memory, but he contradicts it by stating that remembrance is all fiction. Fiction comes from the mind when different memories form together to make a false story with a little touch of truth, so what ever comes from the mind is fiction including remembrance of the past. To support the statement above, the following quote by Hemingway states, “this book is fiction….No one can write true fact in reminiscences….All remembrance of things past is fiction….This book is fiction and should be read as such” (113; ch 6)2
Hemingway’s style of writing about truth is different from many other authors. Hemingway claims to have a different meaning for the word ‘truth’. What makes Hemingway’s truth different from other authors truth is that Hemingway uses a kind of truth that relates to his life. As I was reading Ernest Hemingway, a book by Peter Hays, I encountered a quote about Hemingway that explains what version of truth Ernest Hemingway prefers to talk about in his works and also his usage of theories and myths.
Like all his works, this book, too, is about aesthetics .Hemingway talks about his difficulty in writing on true sentence, presumably along the lines of the exercises Griffin and Baker print, but “truth” for Hemingway obviously means not literally truth, since he also talked about the truth of his fictional stories, but rather true-to-his-sense-of-life, mythically correct, with complete believability from the reader’s perspective. (115;ch 6)3
That style of writing is what makes Hemingway’s style of writing unique. He writes about truth that relates it to his life and makes the story believable to the person reading it. The quote also says that his fictional stories are not all fiction.
Hemingway is not bothered by the truth. He except everything that happens around him because he believes that there...

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