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How Oral Communications Are Or Can Be Used In Business Situations

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In language itself the spoken language is primary language and the written language is secondary language. There are thousands of languages in the world. Many of them are spoken and written. Some of them are only spoken but not written. But there is no language that is only written but not spoken. Oral communication is constantly and continually employed by an individual in the familial and social environments. Oral communication has also its vital role in business situations.
Oral communication in business has a variety of purposes. The communication of information is one purpose of oral communication, and may include informing employees of company-related issues, training new hires, ...view middle of the document...

These interactions usually include a combination of data and analysis, and will be more persuasive than informative in nature, as the employee is trying to encourage continued and expanded business with the client. Because of the nature of these interactions, the communication is definitely a dialog, making listening skills incredibly important.

Example 3:
Interoffice interaction
Oral communication in the office can be referred to as interoffice interaction. This is comprised of conversations with superiors, subordinates and co-workers. Depending on the levels of power separation between the individuals engaging in conversation, the communication will fluctuate between formal and informal, though it should always remain professional. Conversations in this context may reference data, but will be much more analysis heavy, and will be a dialog by nature. However, it isn’t formal at all times; sometimes it’s a normal, casual conversation amongst employees regarding matters other than business.

If you look in most organization, oral...

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