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How Nurses And Physicians Influence Health Care Reform

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How Nurses and Physicians Influence Health Care Reform
Deana Sykes
King University

In my opinion, nurses will have much more influence on health system reform than physicians over the next 10 years. Many believe that physicians are more influential because they are the decision makers and revenue generators. As Hackman (2010) expressed, “Combined with an aging population and an influx of patients into the U.S. health care system by 2016, a direct result of the Affordable Care Act, we will face an unavoidable shortage of primary care physicians. The physician shortage will be further complicated by the high attrition rate of the profession. I believe this will be the time that nurses, unified in numbers, can be the most influential. Inevitably, Advanced Practice Nurses, DNPs, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurse Midwives will have to fill in the gaps. Legislation in several states already seeks to extend these professionals' ...view middle of the document...

Through cooperation from both professions, combined with added insurance benefits for most citizens, we can provide quality health care to those who seek it.

Hackman, Deborah. (2010). The Nurse’s Influence on Health System Reform. Georgia Nursing, Page 3.

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