How My Military Career Will Help Me Succeed In My Master’s Degree

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How My Military Career will help me Succeed In my Master’s Degree

The United States Military provides an excellent source for one looking for the knowledge and ability to move forward in school and complete their Master’s degree. This can be accomplished by the unique way that the military trains its troops to accomplish certain goals. It could be the way that the military requires all members to become adaptable to multiple situations that can arise. Also, the military requires all of the troops to become responsible at different degrees of rank. The first and foremost reason that the military provides the source to complete a Master’s degree would be the ability to have troop’s ...view middle of the document...

What is meant by that is that people are apt to talk amongst their groups to find the correct way to do things rather than get punished for accomplishing the task wrong. Now the people in the group are communicating with each other to come up with solutions to the tasks that were given. This also shows the group the way not to complete the tasks. It is a valuable lesson to see how something is not completed correctly, so that it is not completed the same way every time. If people are not shown how thing s are done wrong the chances of them completing them wrong again is greater. Hence the saying that “We learn from others mistakes” has come about. The military just makes those mistakes open to the masses. Another great tool that is accomplished from this type of learning tool is that those people in the groups see that teamwork can be crucial. Things are not always able to be accomplished by an individual, but rather team work will be needed to complete some of the tasks that are given in life. Another way that the military helps people to complete their Master’s degree is that it requires its troops to become adaptable.
The world is ever changing, from people having to talk to an operator to make a telephone call, to being able to pull out your phone and have a conversation with someone around the world while driving down the road. Change is all around us. The military has to face this change and come up with ways to adapt to the change every day. This being said the military, while creating people that can learn and create solutions to problems by working in groups also needs those people to adapt given different situations. This does not happen to every troop that is assigned to the military. There are certain traits that the military looks for. The first is probably the most obvious, they want someone that is physically fit and that can handle the physical demands of going to war. Next, with the government financial situation, the military missions must done more with fewer resources. This includes personnel. The remaining personnel must be able to adapt to become better leaders and do other jobs that are required of them. In the 1990s the Air Force had certain specialties for all different jobs; there were people that worked on radios, different people that worked on satellite communication equipment, and different people that would work on security equipment. Today these can be done by just one career field. This is just an example of how the military today has to adapt to complete the mission.
I personally believe that what made me adaptive was being pulled out of my comfort zone. The Army does some of that when it moves us around, so we have a bit of built-in adaptability. The experience is so dynamic that you become adaptable. In addition, while conflict is a horrible thing, it does test your mettle. You can actually determine who is courageous and who is not. In the absence of conflict, we have to develop ways to impose an...

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