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How Lucky Are You Debi Alper

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How Lucky You Are
How Lucky You Are, is a short story written by Debi Alper.

In 2012 - 566,000 people legally immigrated to the United Kingdom.
As well in 2012, 41,482 foreign nationals was removed from within the UK under immigration law or deported. Learn to appreciate the things you have before time forces you to appreciate the things you once had. In our daily life, we take everything for granted. Education is a norm, rather than the exception, like it is in some countries. This is something that sums up todays living moral. Mostly every teenager, I include, do not think about what we have, and how easy we can lose it. Our main protagonist is also in this group, until he meets ...view middle of the document...

That’s the last time the two of them sees each other. Ishraqi is after that, deported out of the country.

The short story is being told in a past tense, the storyteller is an omniscient third person, and the storyline takes place in one day.
The two flashbacks are two life changing events, involving Max, and his life. These life changing events are also the essence of a short story.
The short story is set South London, in Croydon. This is where Max and his mother live Max lives near the UK Border Agency. This Agency becomes a very central setting in this story. In the text it’s described as “…Outside the vast concrete and glass block looming up into the sky” (p 9, ll. 38-39) “She indicated the concrete hulk behind them. “(p. 9 l. 69).The building is defined like this, to make the reader think of it as a negative, sad and grey place.

It is here in front of this building our protagonist meets his female counterpart. Her name is Ishraqi; she is an immigrant from Iran. Ishraqi came to England as an unaccompanied minor, after her parents were arrested for an anti-government demonstration. When Ishraqi came to UK, she moved in with an Iranian family, and learns to talk English rather quickly “Her English was good – better than many of Max’s London born-friends” (p.9, ll. 68-69) Ishraqi has only been in only for 1 ½ year. She has no real control over her life. She has to deal with the way it is handed to her. Ishraqi’s counterpart is Max.

Max is a student at the creative Croydon Brit School, but he doesn’t appreciate his place at the school. From the first part of the story, the reader learns that Max is a creative boy with “a twisted imagination”. He used to be a cheerful teenager, until his dad left, and then he lost his enthusiasm towards school.
Max is now sixteen years old, “bunking of school” and smoking cigarettes. He isn’t aware of the people around him – like he lives in his own little bubble “Max was 16 and was focused inwards, unaware of anyone else unless they made a direct impact on him” (p.9 ll. 42-43) He is not doing anything meaningful with his life, just existing and observing.
Max’s relationships with his parents are two...

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