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How Is Reality Tv Shows Influence Us

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How is Reality TV Shows Influence Us?
Reality TV shows have been capturing people’s attention since the late 20th century, it refers to television programs in which ordinary people are continuously filmed, designed to be entertaining rather than informative. (Oxford) reality shows getting more and more popular because of people get to experience things that they cannot or have not experienced in their lives, they also try to figure out what they would do in the situations that the characters are in.( Robert reid) Those shows have both positive and negative impact on viewers. People found that reality TV show are inspiring, encouraging and entertaining; on the other hand, it also generate ...view middle of the document...

It inspires people into follow their dream or achieves goals that they set for themselves.
The benefit of Reality shows is mostly the entertainment of the viewers; they enjoy how people handle things and how they react in different situation, watching people in unusual setting, doing things they never experienced before will bring them pleasure, as well as pure escapism. If viewers have a rough day with things that stress them, they can forget troubles by watching reality TV. Moreover, reality shows also helps people, “Random 1” would be particularly a good example, they really helping people that is needed help most.( McCarthy)
There are many different issues with reality TV shows. Distort reality would be one of them. Though reality shows are unscripted, it is manipulated, Reality TV shows is not real when most of it has been cut out. Nearly all reality TV shows are scripted; the producers and director can tell the reality TV participant what to say, where to go and who to see. The editor can corrupt the editing and twist things to make things seem like there is conflict and disagreement. In addition, Producers only air the scenes that are conforming to viewers’ expectation. Inevitably, it will mislead the viewers in some way. When people watch reality TV, they tend to think that what they are seeing is a true depiction of reality. Because of that, they tend to believe that what they see on TV is how life really. An example would be “The Hills”, a reality show focused on the personal and professional lives of several young women residing in Los Angeles. “The Hills” has great negative influenced on teenagers. Karyn Riddle and J.J.De Simone from the University of Wisconsin surveyed 145 undergraduates and they found out “Viewers on programs like ‘The Hill’ believe women in the real world engage in bad behaviors more often than men”.
Some reality TV shows promote immoral and unethical behavior. The shows are concerned with ratings, the producers of a reality show are not looking out for the morality. In resulted, some immoral behavior may be allowed in the show,...

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