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How Is Love Presented In To His Coy Mistress And The Beggar Woman”

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How is love presented in to his coy mistress and the beggar woman”

In this essay I will be portraying the theme of love in the two poems ‘To his coy mistress’ and ‘The beggar woman’ and I will also be contrasting them with each other to answer how is love presented in to his coy mistress and the beggar woman”

‘To his cot mistress’ was written between the years of 1651 and 1652 by the poet Andrew Marvell. This poem is about Andrew Marvell attempting to convince a lady to lose her long preserved virginity to him, and he is always referring to that time is not long, it flies and that she has to lose her virginity before time ends (when she dies).
On the other hand ‘The ...view middle of the document...

On the last stanza he offers her solutions and doesn’t just leave her with the heartbreaking facts, however this time the tempo slows down which makes it more persuasive,
“now therefore, while the youthful hue, sits on thy skin like morning dew”
So one of the offers he offered was that they should seize the moment now, and forget about all there problems and just have sex before the time is up.

On the other hand in the poem the poem ‘the beggar woman’ the tone is quite consistent and stayed at the same speed throughout the whole poem. It also is not harsh but very blunt and there is no fluttery language. It is also just straight to the point, very succinct and not nostalgic or over sentimental however it was polite, soft and uses words with precision,
“A beggar by her trade; yet not so mean,
But her cheeks were fresh. And linen clean.”
This shows that William king did not just right the rhyming couplets just for the sake of making his poem rhyme, I know this because it all fit in with the context and it made complete sense. So this shows me that he has chosen his words with precision.

Andrew Marvell used two main ways to create a clever rhyme in his poem. Throughout the poem there are rhyming couplets,
“…I always hear
…chariot hurrying near”
This makes the poem flow and makes it seem more persuasive, however Andrew Marvell not only used rhyming couplets for his poem to rhyme, I know this because he chose words that fit in with the context. However he not only used rhyming couplets but he also used a smart technique called iambic tetrameter, this just means that he uses eight syllables per line (which is four foots, each foot consists of two syllables) e.g.
“Had we but world enough and time”
So if we were to split it into syllables, it would become,
‘Had we but world e nough and time’
Which is eight syllables this makes the poem consistent which makes us feel like the character is determined.

William King also uses rhyming couplets, however he used intelligent rhyming words.
“she needed not much courtship to be kind,
He ambles on she trots behind.”
This explains that she walked into the wood with him for the money and he walks in front of her. This shows that he uses intelligent rhyming words. William King also kept the poem at an unhurried pace, this shows us that the man was patient and not unhurried about anything.

To his coy mistress gives us a very convincing, evocative and vivid image, it shows us passion and speed.
“thou by the ‘Indian Ganges’ side”
This quote shows us a vivid image of him and his lady walking down the river Ganges, slowly, enjoying their time. Andrew Marvell also uses many metaphors to create a better image for the readers, some of there metaphors are,
“two hundred to adore each...

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