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How Information Is Used Essay

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How Information Is Used

How Information Is Used
The role of an organization is to collect and distribute information. No matter the type of business or organization, information is a key component in its success. Each portion of an organization: management, billing, etc. information needs to be provided to each one separately, as well as information that needs to be shared.
Information is considered to be what is known beyond random chance predictions. Information must surprise and reduce the uncertainty from recipient.
In this day in age, computers and information processing are everywhere. The use of computers influences when decisions are made, as well as what decisions are to ...view middle of the document...

Information between my sister-in-law, and myself is not the only information that needs to be communicated. There are a list of Doctors, Traveling Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Case workers we need to keep up-dated any time something changes in her schedule, medication, health, or her funding. In order to make sure that my niece continues to get the proper care, and the funding to ensure her care, we need to keep in constant contact with her Case worker, it is also our job to contact the companies that supplies all her medical supplies: Feeding Tubes, bags, and Feed, Tracheotomy supplies, briefs, etc. If we drop the ball on contacting these places we will run out of the necessary products to keep her breathing properly, feed, and personal hygiene taken care of.
Because there is only the two of us (my sister-in-law, and I) taking care of my niece, the flow of information is normally just passed between us (except once a month when we do I check-in, and supply orders). It is easy for us to forget to supply each other with the...

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