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How Important Was The Contribution Of Martin Luther King To The Civil Rights Movement In The Years 1955 68?

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How important was the contribution of Martin Luther King to the civil rights movement in the years 1955-68?

The civil rights movement was aimed to give African Americans Social, Political and Economic equality after President Abraham Lincoln declared the freedom of all American slaves in 1862 Emancipation Proclamation and the thirteenth amendment was passed to the American constitution which announced slavery illegal. Despite the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments being passed to the US constitution they were never fully enforced since there was segregation in housing, voting, and education. Was Martin Luther Kings contribution to the civil rights movement the most significant in ...view middle of the document...

The boycott demonstrated Martin Luther King's leadership qualities and brought him to national attention as the media's involvement caused television reports to portray the injustice of segregation to a national and international audience. Kings peaceful protest methods were completely opposite to violent civil rights activist Malcolm X whose famous motto was 'by any means necessary'.

In 1963, as a follow up to the unsuccessful Albany campaign King launched a campaign in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. The main reasons for this campaign was to provoke local police chief Eugene 'Bull' Conner who responded very violently to the Freedom Rides so that the result of the violence would lead to the desegregation of the city and King also targeted Birmingham because the city was one of the worst examples of segregation in the southern states . King had set clear goals for the Birmingham campaign in order to avoid aimlessness of the Albany campaign. The campaign focused on the desegregation of the city's major shopping areas, administrative buildings, schools and public parks, as well...

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