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How I Spend My Time After School

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How I Spend My Time After School
As an average teen, some would walk home after school and relax. How would you spend your time? Perhaps you have responsibilities that needs to be taken care of? Well that sounds like the similar situation I am dealing with in my present-day life. After school, I must tend to all of my many responsibilities. Since I have so many responsibilities, time is subtracted from my personal life and activities.
Of all the responsibilities, school takes the most time every weekday. Waking up early in the morning, cleansing your body, getting dressed, and leaving on time are some of the responsibilities before school. But what happens after school? Well that’s the major responsibilities that are highly important. The in-school work is mostly based on the homework. This activity takes hard work, determination, and concentration. Depending on your work ethic you can accomplish the ...view middle of the document...

This load would be considered slavery if there is no compensation received. Though not financially, I am paid with the labor experience and a tan. Some chores take preparation without you even noticing. For example, what would you do first if you were to wash the dishes? You would probably clean out the sink, then mixed the water and soap and start washing correct? There is a process involved in chores as well as other activities to complete the task.
So what is to happen when you are done with your responsibilities? In my life I have one other responsibility, which is my father and possibly my religion as a Jehovah’s Witness. Other than that all of that time left out of each day is what I like to call “my free, to do almost whatever I want, time”. I have few but extremely fun and sometimes an aerobic exercise. But the laziest of my activities is just relaxing. After waking up early, sometimes just resting is what is best. While hanging with my friends is one of my most exciting activities I do with free time, it sometimes interfere with my “responsibility time”. Playing basketball is my favorite activity that I participate in. I would also like to play at school. Unfortunately, I can’t because of my GPA. I also like football, but that sport/activity requires protective equipment.
Since I have an abundant amount of responsibilities and activities to complete and participate in, it give me the ability to distribute the time needed to complete the task. This vital trait is a gain I receive by “taking care of business”. I become more dependable when I do what is necessary to complete my day. You also learn to perform tasks that will benefit you in life. As you know, when purchasing a home, cleaning your home is a chore you probably did while living with you. If you were born in a wealthy family, you probably have very few responsibilities. Since I am not wealthy financially, its only an opinion which is based on a stereotype. Continuing about the subject, most of all I think the time I spend reflects my entire personality. Completing many after school activities, either productive or destructive, will predict your future identity.

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