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How I Met My Husband Essay

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How I Met My Husband Summary
A red-and-silver plane lands at the old fairgrounds across the road from the home of the Peebles, for whom Edie works. Edie’s first close-up view of an airplane leads to her first encounter with romance.
Edie is both eager for and rather innocent about romance. She is quite proudly aware of her blossoming womanhood, and the day after the plane lands, Edie gets the impulse to dress herself up in Mrs. Peebles’s finery, put on makeup, and play the part of a sophisticated beauty while Mrs. Peebles is out for the afternoon. This is how she is discovered by Chris Watters, who is looking for a drink of cool water from the pump. Edie is embarrassed but also ...view middle of the document...

The visit turns into a rousing but tender farewell party. It becomes Edie’s initiation in physical intimacy with a man. The pilot sensibly does not allow his urges full rein; when they say goodbye, he promises Edie that he will write to her.
Later that evening, Alice discovers that her fiancé has left. To her own surprise, Edie lies for him, but also for herself, saying that Chris has flown to another nearby field. Alice becomes suspicious of this sexy young girl; in response to Mrs. Peebles’s questions, Edie readily admits to intimacy with Watters. Alice explodes in rage and sobs; Loretta, cliché-loaded and always functioning as a kind of parodic Greek chorus, comments that all men are the same; and Mrs. Peebles finally discovers that, to Edie, being intimate meant kissing.
Throughout the summer and well into the fall, six days a week, Edie waits at the mailbox for the promised letter, but the letter never comes. Finally, Edie’s absolute faith in the promised letter crumbles and her heart turns to lead. She stops meeting the mail, for she refuses to become like so many other women who wait all their lives for something that never comes.
Then, however, the mailman calls and says he has missed her. They begin to go out, and after two years become engaged. They marry, have children, and find happiness.

Blind Love
I’m writing on the short story “How I Met My Husband” by Alice Munro. The story is told in first-person narration of a...

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