How Huck (By Mark Twain) Uses His Creativity, Luck, And Wits To Get Rid Of The Pits

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What would you do if you were a young teenager traveling down the Mississippi River, not knowing where to sleep that night or find food for your next meal? That is the dilemma faced by Huckleberry Finn, and Huck always found a lot of trouble. When most people are in trouble they either take the easy way out and lie, or they use their creativity and wit. The protagonist of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, uses more wit than most fourteen year old kids use in their lifetime. Whenever life hits Huck with a problem, he always conquers it by using awareness, cleverness, and insight.Before Huck starts his adventure down the river, he must fake his death to "escape" from pap. The ...view middle of the document...

Huck made every attempt to make sure that he could sail down the river in peace. As Huck had hoped, his plan worked beautifully.While on Jackson Island, Huck mistakenly met up with a "friend" of his, Jim. After they settled on the island, Huck wanted to find out what was happening at the town across the river. Jim knew that Huck needed to a disguise, and they decided that Huck would dress up as a girl. After putting on a gown and bonnet, Huck took the canoe across the river, and found the house of a stranger. Because he had to keep a low profile for a while, it was important that it was a stranger. As he knocked on the door, he reminded himself to act like a girl. The lady invited him in. They talked about Huck's home town, Tom Sawyer's 20,000 dollars, and inevitably, Huck's murder. The lady soon became suspicious of Huck's femininity. She finally asked Huck, "What is you real name? Is it Bill, or Tom, or Bob?-or what is it?"(Twain 59). Huckleberry finally admitted that he was a male by the name of George Peters. He continued on to weave a tall tale saying that when looking for the town of Goshen, and had received directions from a drunken farmer. Instead of telling the lady his name was Huckleberry Finn and risking the possibility of getting caught with Jim, he extended his lie. To keep his story realistic, he told the lady that both his parents had died, and he left because his new guardian treated him poorly. This was a very good choice because not many strangers will question a person their parent's death. Huck Left the lady's house with a snack and the directions to Goshen. Without being overly inquisitive...

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