How Have The Texts You Have Studied This Year Effectively Shaped Your Understanding Of 'the Journey'?

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Journeys move people from one state to another, creating significant impact on the introspective facets of each human being. The destination that we arrive at, at times exemplifies the inner change that occurs. However, it is the journey that creates and shapes our inner qualities and finishing state of self. The goals we achieve are a result of the journey of our inner self, in which we change and develop to our finishing state. The three texts studied this year, 'Empire of the Sun', 'Journey to the Interior', and 'Girl, Interrupted' have been highly effective texts in shaping my understanding of the concept of journey. This has been achieved by the variety and quality of techniques used by ...view middle of the document...

This becomes extremely effective in portraying inner journey as the audience become exposed to vivid explanations of Jim's experiences, which in turn, shape his inner journey. An example of a simile used is 'as busy as lice' which visualises to the audience the extremity of movement. This example portrays the context of Jim's journey and how it affects his inner growth. The use of imagery ('meadows of paper flowers drifted on the running tide, and clumped in miniature gardens') also allows the audience to visualise the exact destination Ballard is describing. Descriptive language provides an extremely in depth view of Jim's inner journey and has conveyed a deeper understanding of his form of journey to me through the study of this text.'Journey to the Interior' by Margaret Atwood, focuses on the journey of studying the intrinsic nature of ones self. The journey is a never-ending one, as the journey to the interior of ourselves will never be complete whilst we learn new things about ourselves each day. Because of the countless experiences dealt with in life, and how large an affect they have on ones life, we are always learning more about ourselves. Atwoods 'Journey to the Interior' have communicated this perception of the concept of 'the journey'. This text has enhanced my understanding of the focus of inner journey through the use of techniques such as rhetorical questions and imagery.Atwood's use of rhetorical questioning, 'have I been walking in circles again', conveys the idea that inner journeys are confusing and may cause stress to the participant of the journey. It reinforces the ever-present concern that what we find during our journey may not be pleasant or what we wish to find. This technique impresses upon the audience the idea that the journey to the inner self may be daunting as it can cause doubt of ones self and confusion. My understanding that the inner journey is not always easy has been developed by Atwood's rhetorical questions.The use of imagery in Atwood's poem is extremely common through the discussion of hills, trees and swamps. This provides a more descriptive picture of the unregimented journey to the interior of one's self. "That the hills, welded as I move to let me through". This draws the responder in and effectively conveys the circumstance being dealt with by involving the audience. It allows the audience to...

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