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How Has The U.S Space Program Change Since The First Moon Landing?

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How has the motives for continuing the Space Program change, before and after the moon landing? Motives for continuing the Space Program has changed over the past 50 years since the Space Race. How has the federal spending affected the Space Program? What are we spending on? The federal spending has increased, but in recent years NASA has suffered budget cuts. How does technology play a role in the continuation of the Space Program? Does it impact civilian life? The technology used plays an impacting role on space exploration as well as advancements in civilian life. Does the changes in the Space Program impact the job market? Is there a difference between then and now? The Space Program is ...view middle of the document...

The U.S was driven by the idea of making new discoveries and space exploration was able to capture the attention of all (When we left Earth).
A program as big as NASA is impacted greatly by federal spending. The amount of spending towards the Space Program increased at the start of the Space Race (Rogers). Federal Spending begins to change due to budget plans and money. worth. However, the NASA percentage was highest during the seventeen year race. Everyone that had a role in the U.S government was on board for the big spending to win the race. Money went towards insanely new research and technology (Griffin). It was new development for things that haven't been done before. Towards the end of the Space Race and as times changed so did the budget towards NASA (Leone).
Money was worth more and more of it went to the program, but NASA didn't make up as much of the federal spending. NASA played a small percentage, than it use to make up (Leone). The reasoning behind it was not everyone was as interested with the program compared to how they were with the Space Race. Curiosity was still motivating but not as much as the Space Race was. During the early 2000’s, spending for the program decreased (Rogers). However, in 2015 NASA has begun requesting more money, even though it is highly difficult due to budget cuts. Development is at its highest point in 2015 (Leone). There are more advancements and research toward technology. As the years will go on NASA has highest request because of new technology. They feel as if now is a great time to begin various programs. New programs can really impact knowledge not only for the scientist but even average citizens (Rogers).
Technology is always going through different advancements. When the Space Program started, vast amounts of research went towards new developments (When we left Earth). It was new technology that was beginning to be used however, this new technology was unheard of. People thought it was nearly impossible to have equipment like Apollo or M2-F3 Lifting B Sody (Griffin). Equipment that was used was able to complete amazing tasks to make landing on the moon possible in 1969. The U.S took great pride in the advancements that they complete during the seventeen year Space Race (Griffin). The idea of exploring space was just an idea rather than a reality but, with high amounts of research the U.S still continues to make great advancements today.

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