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How Has The Nsa's Surveillance Impacted The Economy?

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How Has the NSA'S Surveillance Impacted the Economy?
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English 123: Composition II

How Has the NSA'S Surveillance Impacted the Economy?
The Guardian aired a report on the surveillance programs of the National Security Agency over one year ago. The report based on leaked information from one of the agency’s contractors named Edward Snowden. The national opinions from several interested parties concentrates on simplistic debates evaluating the tradeoff between individual privacy and national security. However, it is an important time for the government and other stakeholders to begin weighing the benefits and costs associated with the ...view middle of the document...

S. Government and has reviled some of the unconstitutional practices the NSA uses to get personal data from Americans.

Direct Economic Costs to Businesses in the USA
First, companies in the United States report a decline for sales in oversea countries besides losing opportunities to competitors. Foreign companies assert that it is beneficial for them when consumers reject the products because of the possibility of spying by the NSA (Greenwald, 2014, p. 2). Loss of customers implies that the USA will record a diminishing gross national product because of the decline in the revenue generated from overseas markets. Given that, most businesses hate association, with political interference because of the disruption of business activities and extreme scrutiny by governments. The eventual cost of the diminishing gross national product is the decline in the power of the United States to invest. As the businesses lack markets outside the united Sates, it will trigger the onset of stiff competition within the local market. Such competition may compel the US government to intervene and regulate the activities of the market players (Landau, 2010, p. 2).
Many firms within the market imply that they may use unorthodox means to maintain their competitive advantage, and they may resolve to unethical practices in business to achieve high profitability. In addition to market limitation, companies incur incremental costs in a bid to implement the requirements of the National Security Agency. For instance, they have to increase the number of internal audits to guarantee that their systems reflect the fair view of the company. Because of the surveillance, the management of the company is not aware of the period within which the government conducts that surveillance. Therefore, it must hire the services of technical auditors to guarantee the safety of their company’s reputation. In some cases, such services are expensive especially when the checks happen on a regular basis.
Declining performance of American companies in other markets is a cause for alarm. Consequently, the government of the United embarked on an initiative to reinstate the initial position of the American companies. It began the difficult and slow process of convincing the other nations that the sole interest of the country aimed at trade relations and not spying on the other countries as their leaders suspect (Wright, 2014, p. 4). As a result, the recommendations given to the United States in the accomplishment of the mission includes guaranteeing protection of privacy, increasing its level of transparency, and undoing some of the mandates granted to the National Security Agency. The economic element at this point emanates from the need to allocate resources by the government to ensure that the implementation of the recommendations is a success. Therefore, the government will have to substitute its needs and budgetary allocations in an attempt to restore the strength of the USA when it comes...

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