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How Flow And Csikszentmihalyi Came To Be

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How Flow and Csikszentmihalyi Came To Be
S Langford
Regis University
Kristy Frush
April 12, 2009

How “Flow” and Csikszentmihalyi Came to Be
One may wonder who Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is. In this discussion a review his life as a child and into his adult life and how he came into discovery of the “flow” development. Discussions of his accomplishments as well as those who are inspired by him are given. Sometimes a person needs to know about a person’s background in order to appreciate the obstacles experienced for the realization that is possible for others to overcome ones past and realize the possibility of a more positive future. ...view middle of the document...

After the lecture he studied the writings of Jung and Freud and made the decision to study psychology in America at the University of Chicago. His interest and goal was to determine why people can be happy during tragic times in his or her life. The concept of serenity, peace, and happiness for some people made him wonder why some can experience tragedy during times of war time or daily routines of everyday life while others have the “why me” attitude and embark on the victim mental state of mind. This positive and negative attitude is what brought him to seek and further his education in psychology and human development. The discovery of passive and active times assisted in the process known as the “flow.” Upon his arrival in 1956 to the University of Chicago he possessed a $1.25 which required him to work while attending school as he went on to graduate in 1959 and marry Isabella Selega in 1960( Answers, 2006). They raised two sons named Mark and Christopher who have went on to become professors in their chosen field. He continued his education and received his PhD. in 1965 as well as becoming a U.S. citizen. He was determined to find a way for people to live a happy life. He went on to write over 120 articles and publish books relating to happiness and positive psychology (Brain Channels, 2000).
His first book was published in 1975 called Beyond Boredom and Anxiety. His bestselling book was Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience sold over 300,000 copies by 1991(Answers, 2006). He went on to continue his research and development of the process of the “flow.” Some of the books that “Csikszentmihalyi went on to write are; Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention, Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life, Flow in Sports, The Evolving Self: A Psychology for the Millennium, and Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, Writing in Flow: Keyes to Enhanced Creativity, and The Art of Seeing: An Interpretation of the Aesthetic Encounter” (Brain Channels, 2000). Csikszentmihalyi received the Thinker of the Year Award in 2000 while staying on top as a researcher in positive psychology and creativity. He has researched teens, young adults as well as others to see how positive influence and society develop in the world. The concept of the “flow” and the experiences to being completely absorbed into what one may be doing create awareness and a perception to ones happiness. The more involved one is in activities, projects, and whether it be a complex or challenging task the more one experiences being in the state of “flow.” One may experience happiness when one is not focused on a project but in the completion stage of a project or task. One can experience happiness while in the passive state but the state always is determined by the external factors within their circumstances. His books have influenced many readers and continue to evolve around the concept of positive thinking.
Many have...

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