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How Films Communicate Part 1 Essay

708 words - 3 pages

How Films Communicate
Kate Kondas
June 25, 2013
Eric Carlson
University of Phoenix Material

How Films Communicate

Complete Part I in your first week of class. In Week Two, complete Parts II and III after viewing a film of your own selection from the How Films Communicate Film List located under your Week One materials. Submit Parts I, II, and III in Week Two.

Part I: Beginning to Analyze Film

To compete Part I, choose a movie you have viewed in the past (this does not have to be from the How Films Communicate Film List ). In the following table, enter the title of your movie and complete the entries for time and place, costume, and set design, writing in complete ...view middle of the document...

The characters are all acting realistically, especially the character of Lambert who is terrified. The characters fit into this world well, looking sweaty and with no visible make-up. The elements combined contributed to my enjoyment by making the action feel like it was really happening. Also the alien design was nightmarish. | |World War Z, 2013 |The movie is set in the present with the beginning scene starting on the busy streets of Philadelphia. The main character travels to several countries in search of a cure for the unknown outbreak that has plagued the world. |As the movie begins on a normal day without cause for concern, the main characters are dressed in casual clothes that many of them remain in throughout the movie. As the main character travels throughout the world, he is armed with clothing that is suitable for combat. The costumes vary throughout the scenes as the setting moves through several countries. In some of the poorer countries, the cast is seen wearing grubby, ill-fitting clothing. There are also...

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