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How Films Communicate Essay

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How Films Communicate

Movie: Secondhand Lions, 2003

Time and Place: This movie is set back in 1962 in the Texas countryside. The house where Walter is staying with his great-uncles is a worn down ranch style home. It looks very poor and there are not many modern-looking things inside the house to include a T.V. His great-uncles are very reclusive and do not have many visitors except the brave salesman that stop by to try to sell them things.

Costume: Their clothes are worn out looking and seem to be the wrong size half of the time. They are baggy pants with plain looking button up shirts with suspenders holding everything together. Their boots are old and worn out looking, ...view middle of the document...

The camera is close up on the hand shake and there is a beautiful sunset in the back ground.

In this film since it was mostly shot outdoors there were an enormous amount of great sound effects to be heard. Some were minute, like the crickets chirping in the grass and corn fields to the loud crash of the base ball hitting the bat during the games. There were lots of birds singing and the subtle walking through the corn fields to make you feel like you were actually there.

There were numerous different instrumental music playing throughout the entire film. There was never any lyrics to distract you from the film it self and I enjoyed that immensely. It was usually the soft calming music that soothes the viewer like when waiting for the first baseball player to show up to the field that Ray had just built. Then all of a sudden his little daughter spots who her dad had been waiting for. It made it for an emotion moment having the calm soothing music in the back ground. Also, when Ray went into town for the first of the supplies for the field there was up beat “ farming”music playing to get the viewer excited about what was coming up.

I really enjoyed the older shots and videos taken from the 60's and played for us at the opening of the film. This was we were able to go back in time with the characters and see where they had came from and what their lives were like back then. There were a lot of scenery shots as well since this was pretty much an outdoor movie and I really...

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