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How Far To Sources A B And C Agree With Each Other

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How far do sources A, B and C agree with each other?

The sources all suggest that women should be in the home, and not in the public sphere. Source B states that women “should be in their proper sphere at home.” This tells women that is it not acceptable for them to be at work and the use of the world “proper” implies that any who are not in the domestic sphere are indecent. Source A strongly agreed with this view because it depicts a true ‘Angel in the House’ who has laid the table beautifully and whose only care it to comfort her husband. Source A implies that a women’s place is in the home, taking care of her family, through the woman’s angelic facial expression and her true desire to help her husband in ...view middle of the document...

However, Source A and B both clearly show that a woman’s place is in the home but source C only implies their place is not at work.

The sources all agree that women are weaker than men. Source A implies that women are altruistic, that they only live to please others. It does this through showing the husband grieving over a recent death, but not telling his wife. She still comforts him trying to cheer him up. Source A, like the other sources, agrees that women are weaker than men and that she cannot handle the news. Source C and B also suggest that women cannot handle what men can. Source B states that women should not have to compete against “the great strong men of the world.” This shows that men were viewed as tougher than women and therefore women should be in the home whilst men handled work. Source c hints at the weaknesses of women by degrading them, saying they “drink, sing and smoke [and use] disgusting language” whilst working. This implies that women should not work as they are spoiled easily, it is too much for them, and that they are better suited to easier domestic tasks.

The sources share similar views, that women should be altruistic, in the home and not at work. All three were produced by men in the 1800s and so they share similar views about the position of women in society. The sources strongly agree with each other, only deferring slightly. Source A focuses on the way a woman would aspire to be, the wife is well presented and so is the house. Sources B and C however focus more on the problem of female workers and how this is not good for them. They do all agree that women should be in the private sphere but they show this view in different ways.

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