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How Far And In What Ways Is The Creature A Victim Of Frankenstein’s Thirst For Knowledge?

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On one hand the creature can be seen as a victim of Frankenstein’s thirst for knowledge a he is created against his own will and then rejected by his creator. However, he can also be seen as a victim of society and nature. On the other hand, it can be argued that the creature is rather a villain than a victim as he is physically powerful and is able to use his power. Furthermore, he is able to use his circumstances to benefit himself by leaning the common language and adapting to Nature.

The creature can indeed be considered a victim of Frankenstein’s thirst for knowledge. The creature can be considered a “victim” since it implies isolation, oppression and loneliness, all of which the ...view middle of the document...

Having being rejected by his own creator, he is subsequently rejected by others who see him. Since his own creator refers to him as a “deformity”, it makes sense that society would have the same hostility towards him. Nevertheless, witnessing how well Safie is received by the De Lacey family, the creature longs for the same welcome into society. The creature sees that Safie is “endeavouring to learn their language” and so decides to do the same. However, the harsh reality for him is that because of the way he looks, despite learning the language, he is not accepted as Safie is.

The creature could also be seen to be a victim of nature. He is left to the harshness of Nature without any knowledge of how to survive. When “oppressed by cold”, the creature discovers fire for the first time and revels in the fire providing both light and heat. However, when the fire dies out he “laments” it. He does not know how to restart the fire since he has not been taught the survival skills he ought to have been been from his creator. This is a contrast to Adam in Paradise Lost, who the creature likens himself to, saying he “ought to be thy Adam” but he is “rather the fallen angel”. While God has left his creation, Adam and Eve, with the skills to survive.

On the other hand, it can be argued that the creature is not a victim, and is rather a villain or a “fiend” as often referred to by...

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