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How Does The Mise En Scene In The Opening Of Moulin Rouge Affect How We Respond To The Characters And Setting?

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The director conveys the personalities of the men and women through Costume. This technique is very effective because it really gives us a sense of society and the men and women’s positions within that. The women in Moulin Rouge wear very frilly dresses that are very revealing, colourful and bright. The can-can dresses show the world of entertainment under a women’s dress or clothes, which can make the women seem like prostitutes. They are described by Christian as the ‘ beautiful creatures of the underworld’ which can make the Moulin Rouge seem like an underworld in ...view middle of the document...

It makes them look very protagonist. Iconography is also used very effectively In the way the director makes Zidler hold a whip. The Diamond Dogs are like zidler’s Gold mine and they are forced to be that way. The girls are very carnivalesque and this is exaggerated on them. The women sell themselves and even in this economy the men aren’t sold for anything which gives the men more power. The colourful dresses stress on the fact that the Moulin Rouge is a place of freedom and there is a frenzy and exciting atmosphere created inside. The make-up that was used was exaggerated because if the director used true make-up and hair of that time period it would have just been lost in the Moulin Rouge. The men are dressed totally different to the women.
They are dressed in suits and ties which have little to no colour compared to the women. This is contradiction in men because they are fashionably rich and aristocrats which mingle with bohemians and people of a lower status than them which can show duality, because in the day time they would be with those of their own status but fulfil their lusts in the evening. There is some kind of hypocrisy within the men. By them being formal and wearing suits and ties it makes the men look superior to the women. Black connotes authority and power which can have significance in this movie showing that in their economy they are the ones that make the decisions. It could also make them seem evil in a way that they use the women and they are worth nothing to them and it also makes them seem thinner than they actually are. White is used very affectively here because white can show dirt clearer than any other colour and it could symbolise that the men are carrying some sort of guilt on them or the white shirt is exposing their true colours, so the way they have kept it clean as if they are hiding them very well. The women seem more sexual than the men, however Zidler is dressed differently. His red waistcoat makes Zidler appear heavier. This can make him seem different to men in that he may have an inability to love like the men and also makes him seem like the beholder of love, as if he gives his diamond dogs away but cannot love himself.His personality makes him seem as if he means well for people and he has a very colourful personality which may be seen as he is wearing a different colour to normal, aristocratic men, if the director had not had done this, he would have not stood out against them. If the director had made all the people(men and women) the same, wearing colourful dresses it may become a bit too strange and the reality may not have come through. It also would make it seem to crazy to watch....

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