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How Does The Dystopian Society Of Orwell's 1984 Reflect Real Events Of Today's Surrounding World?

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George Orwell's novel from 1949 is a dark prediction on how the future might look like, with a totalitarian system with virtually no individual human rights. The book was written in the shadow of World War II, with inspiration from Germany under the National Socialist Party and Soviet Union at that time. The book revolves around Winston Smith, a low-ranking member of the ruling Party in London, in the nation of Oceania. The story takes place in a dark and gloomy society, where the ruling Party watches every move of the people through «telescreens», even in their own home. Everywhere Winston turns he sees the face of the ruling Party's leader, only known as Big Brother. The Party has full control in Oceania. They control people's language, history, and they even have a «Thought Police» that watches over the citizens to make sure no one thinks rebellious ...view middle of the document...

Even on your own personal devices you are not safe from outsiders looking in. The National Security Agency can easy collect data from your Google searches or Facebook page. Your inner most private thoughts that end in Google searches or Facebook messages to friends is not hard to track for the government, or hackers. This shows similarities to the Thought Police in Orwell's novel.
Winston works as a media journalist whose job is to edit and rewrite historical evidence to support the ruling Party's causes. For years he has been working with adjusting facts and spreading false information through the media. It's the ruling Party that decides what information the people receives, and they alter it as they please. A concept I would say we are quite familiar with in our society today. Not at the same level as in the novel 1984, but the press do control what information we get and how we get it presented. We need to go beyond creating greater access to the same old media structure. As we have talked a lot about in class, it is important to stay media literate, so that we can consider multiple interpretations of media messages.
In 1984 Oceania shift between being in constant war with Eurasia and Eastasia. When they make peace with Eurasia and declares war on Eastasia, speakers in Oceania states that it has always been Eastasia they were at war with. When the government renames the enemy, no one can question this, and it's is illegal to mention or even think about the shift in enemies. In our world today it seems to be a constant war going on, especially after 9/11 and the war against terror that have been going on ever since. We shift between the enemies of ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban and countries like Syria, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't doubt that for many people, these organizations and countries goes as the same thing. George Orwell's 1984 was written 67 years ago, but still holds a lot of significance for societies and people today.

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