How Does The Author Emphasize This As A Turning Point For Winston? From 'nineteen Eighty Four' Written By George Orwell

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In this passage Winston is in the dreaded 'Room 101' with O'Brien and is forced to confront his worst fear in the world, rats. He succumbs to the pressure and commits the ultimate act of betrayal, the betrayal of Julia, to avoid this horror. This is a turning point for Winston because from this point on he is susceptible to the Party's influence; the author manages to emphasize this through several narrative devices.This passage consists mostly of direct speech interrupted by short passages of free indirect discourse from Winston's point of view. This is a contrast to the lead up to this extract which contains mostly free indirect discourse with a small amount of direct speech. The effect ...view middle of the document...

'The tension in this quotation grows because of the short sentences and that is one paragraph. This technique allows the reader to empathise with Winston who is feeling the build up of tension as the rats get closer and he realises there is nothing he can do about it. This applies to O'Brien too, he appears to take great pleasure in his work and the tension building up for him is excited anticipation. However, the real turning point comes when Winston screams '"Do it to Julia! Do it to Julia! Not me Julia I don't care what you do to her."' This is a turning point because both Julia and Winston knew they would be caught but they each agreed not to betray the other. Winston has just betrayed Julia, breaking that agreement. After this point Winston's relief is evident through the longer sentences and paragraphs. This change in sentence structure emphasizes this as a turning point for Winston.Some of the language used here emphasizes the effects of this passage. For example the contraption containing the rats is put into a context which relates the horror to us....

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