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How Does Steinbeck Portays Curley's Wife?

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*Carla Bouquet 3ème*7
*This is an extract taken from the book “HEROES” written by a famous author named Robert Cormier. It is located* at the beginning of the book, chapter 2, just after the return of Francis Cassavant, the protagonist, in Frenchtown, after the war had end. It is the first flashback in the novel, the author is describing the first meeting of Francis and a young girl named Nicole Renard, she is going to play a very important role in the destiny of the boy. The scene is taking place at school where a new student is coming in the class, Nicole, as soon as Francis met her eyes completely fall in love. Cormier give us a description of the girl and ...view middle of the document...

“Agony of love” (pg 10, par. 5), this expression is very characterizing of what Cormier wants the reader to feel. It shows that this love Francis is feeling for Nicole is so big that it is killing him. The word “agony” reminds the reader of a feeling of pain and that the young boy is suffering of it, and even more when, too shy, he can’t express it to her like for example in the second time the author use this expression: “I’d hear her footsteps fading away and I’d plunge into an agony of regret, vowing to talk to her the next time.”(pg 10-11) It shows us that Francis is completely in love and would anything to get her. The author is using the strong word “agony” so that he can introduce the love story and that the reader can start to guess that a complicated relationship is going to grow between the two young people, and by using a hyperbole, he is using a good way for that the reader can picture to himself the feelings of the characters.
Cormier also used metaphors and similes to introduce and explain the love story that is growing between Nicole and Francis and the young girl is strongly characterize by her purity, which is a point that the author is insisting on, he make the reader understand that it is going to play a role in her destiny. “The pale purity of her face reminded me of the statue of St Therese in the niche newt to Father Balthazar’s confessional in St Jude church”(pg 9,par. 4). The author use the metaphor of the statue, which is the perfect image to represent something untouchable and pure which are representing Nicole, in contrast of what is going to happen later in the story...

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