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How Does Part Time Employment Affects College Students

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The Effect of Part-Time Employment on Academic Performance |
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Many students find themselves in the position of needing employment ...view middle of the document...

It’s not the job itself that causes the problems, but the time worked because students who work more hours per week spend less time on their homework and pay less attention in class.
Dallam and Hoyt (1981) suggested that a good balance between students’ credit hours and working hours forced students to be more organized and to have better time management. Also those students who worked between 1 and 15 hours per week showed a slightly higher GPA than those who were not working at all (Dallam & Hoyt, 1981; Li-Chen & Wooster, 1979).
Not only were higher GPAs found in students who maintained jobs, also stated that they had gained job skills, experience, knowledge of a variety of jobs, a feeling of responsibility, and money for personal and school expenses. Students that work as fast-food worker or cashier tend to have a negative effect on their academic performance, where as part-time jobs that seemed to develop their career skills may contribute to increase their academic performance, also these types of jobs are more likely to be flexible and work with students’ schedules. These types of jobs will allow students to gain experience that cannot be gained in the classroom. For example, I surveyed Pishtina Public University and 20 out 6 students who were job related to their studies had a mean GPA of 3.75, while those whose jobs were career unrelated had a mean GPA of 2.66. The study did not contribute to either the positive or negative relationship between working and academic achievement. These studies indicated that employment had some kind of impact on academic...

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