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How Does Montag Change As The Book Progresses?

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Sarah Geissah
Word Count: 502

Sarah Geissah
Word Count: 502

How does Montag Change as the Novel Progresses?

Ray Bradbury used Montags surroundings to direct him to the truthful direction. Montag, the protagonist, qualified numerous assets that transformed his interpretations of the modern society he lived in. As a broad-minded character, Montag continuously interrogated his surroundings and was constantly in the stage of curiosity. He also realized that he was not blissful and needed to change. Curiosity is the enemy of ignorance, since Montag lived in such an ignorant society he began to explore. This is displayed when Montag asks Beatty “Was-was it always like this? The firehouse, our work?” This ...view middle of the document...

Montag also sustains an extremely broad-minded perception of possessions, which also emboldens his change of character throughout the novel. Montag interacts with several judicious characters that majorly impact on him such as Granger, Faber and Clarisse. Due to his tolerance, he listens to their perspectives and deliberations and uses that to further look into knowledge. For example when Clarisse asked him, “But why do you burn books? How did it come about? How did it begin? How could someone like you be doing this work? I know everyone says that but you - you're not like them. When I say something to you, you look at me. Why did you choose this job? With you it doesn't make any sense.” As Montag could have easily disregarded her, due to his open-mindedness and liberality he took her scrutiny abroad. The final reason I believe changed Montags character was when come to a conclusion that his society is depressed due to ignorance, technological over-power and lack of communication. One day Montag returns from firehouse and finds his wife near death due to overdose of sleeping pills. He calls the emergency services and they handle it. When Montag goes to see her at the hospital the next morning, he asks one man where the doctor is and the man responds the man replies, "Hell! We get these cases nine or ten a night.  Got so many, starting a few years ago, we had the special machines built."  This quote indicates to Montag that there is a great deal of depression in his world. Due his curiosity, broad-mindedness and wisdom, Montag came to a realization of the truth and triggered him to drastically change throughout the coarse of the novel.

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