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How Does Change Affect The People At Work?

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Q.1 How does change affect people at work?
Managing Change : Change is Charming Embrace it !
A change means any process involving a difference in some feature of an organization at two points in time.
Change is a fact of life for any organization. It is unavoidable that all organizations need to change their practice time to time as per requirement to remain in competitive market. In current scenario the organization who have made the changes as per current requirement are succeed in the market. Change can be either planned or emergent.
In planned change there is a sequence of steps but in emergent change is not simply chaotic change. It takes place in incremental and gradual ways on an ...view middle of the document...

Change is good and natural for any organization but people’s reaction to change is unpredictable and irrational. Change can be managed if it is done rightly. In today’s environment it is very difficult to survive in the market if you will not run with the market. There is a tough competition in the market so everybody has to change as per the requirement. Following are the current forces for change in workplace
1. Globalization - Global versus Local
2. Diversity -  Heterogeneity versus Homogeneity
3. Flexibility - Flexibility versus Stability
4. Flat - Centralization versus Decentralization
5. Networks - Interdependence versus Independence
b. Implications for you as an employee, as a manager, and for the HR manager?
Implications for you as an employee
As an employee following may be the implications of change management
1. Having a manage manager of a strategic and global business perspective
2. Many human issues may be involves
3. There may be a cultural gap in change management
4. Dealing with organizational politics
5. Facilitating teamwork
6. Building relationship
7. Integrating technical and management skill
8. Managing new learning
Implications for you as a manager
Manager has to implement following six change approach to deal with resistance to change
1. Education and Communication
2. Participation and involvement
3. Facilitation and support
4. Negotiation and agreement
5. Manipulation and co-option
6. Explicit and implicit coercion
Implications for you as a HR manager
1. To educate the leaders of change, including both boss and subordinate.
2. To use system approach to ensure that all aspect of an organization
3. To use team approach that involves many stakeholders in the change process.
4. To share the power with concerned authority
5. Make and...

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