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How Do We Help Our Social Issues In The Environment

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Why is the environment a social issue? What can we do to help the situation and can we fix it. What are some of the environment issues? Human overpopulation, environmental health, conservation, water population, land use, waste, air population, etc. There are so many environment issues in this society. Some of the issues come from lack of environmental awareness, lack of participation among humans and lack of informational privacy. Having fewer children or none seems to be the solution for the overpopulation of humans. Sociologist says that the world has too many humans, and therefore we should stop producing children. This world is going to be overcrowded or overpopulated within the next fifty years. Overpopulating is possibly the world’s most serious environmental problem, because it exacerbates all of the others. The world population will expand to 9 billion by 2040. We now have a slower growth rate than we had during the last half of the 20th century. Families were having 4 to 10 kids, the bigger the better. Now they are saying that this overpopulation will leave us with many more people to provide for without the money to provide. The planet earth is a closed system with limited resources. One of those resources is a limited amount of fresh water and clean air and there are only so many acres of land for growing food. As the world population grows, our resources must stretch to serve more and more people on this planet. This will no longer be possible if we continue the way we are going. Some scientists think that we have already passed that point. So we need to start reversing this growth trend by bringing the human population of our planet back down to a manageable size. This is going to be hard to do, because the drive to reproduce is essential in...

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