How Do We Assess Whether A City Is Global? What Other Criteria Could Be Used? This Essay Seeks To Identify Criteria’s And Different Aspects To Assess What Makes A City Global. Firstly, It Will Outline And Explain The

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How do we assess whether a city is global? What other criteria could be used?
This essay seeks to identify criteria’s and different aspects to assess what makes a city global. Firstly, it will outline and explain the concept of globalisation and a global city, showing evidence from the use of academic sources and giving examples if necessary. It shall then continue to examine and focus on a specific global destination, discussing different types of aspects to show what criteria’s make up a ...view middle of the document...

Global cities are all able to be categorized using a number of different types of methods even though they all share a common ground (Sassen, 1991). There are a number of different types of criteria’s available that make up a global city. These aspects are used in different types of ways to examine whether a city can be considered, identified or revealed as being a global destination. In regards to this, Frieddman (1986) states that global cities are significant destinations that have specific characteristics or functions in terms of economics, political, cultural and connectivity in the global economic system.
Global cities, which can also be referred to as Alpha cities or World cities, play a significant role in regards to the country’s economic status. They have become well known as the centre of the world’s global economy. Global cities have become popular and recognised for the processes of finance and economic trade. When looking for ways to define the term ‘global cities’, it is vital that one takes a look at and studies the economy of the host country. This is due to the fact that global cities have great impact on politics. They are able to not only influence the host country but other many other regions across the globe. This is one of the several major factors that could be used in order to identify the...

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