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How Do Conditions In The Present (1895 & 1960) Shape The Respective Visions Of:

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How do conditions in the present (1895 & 1960) shape the respective visions of: 1.H.G.Wells? 2.George Pal (Film Director)? In 1895 H.G.Wells published a book called "The Time Machine".The book was sbout a time machine which enabled a man known as "The Time Traveller" to travel into the future. The beginning of the book starts off in the year 1895. In the book, "The Time Traveller" only stopped once, in the year "802701".In 1895, England was a powerful country showing the rest of the world the way by industrialising themselves. At this time H.G.Wells began to see the beginning of a two-tier society. One was the aristocracy, these were the rich owners of factories and coal- mines and they were known as the "haves". The others were the workers, who were ...view middle of the document...

The greatest developments were in the electrical industries.Life at home and in the factory changed by the development of electricity for power, heat and light.The wealthy factory owners were exploiting their workers. The conditions of the workers was very poor and they received very low wages.At this time the wealthier became even wealthier, and the divide between rich and poor increased by time. It was at this time that H.G.Wells began to see a two-tier society emerging.On this one image he based his prediction for his next and only stop, in the year "802701". When he arrived he thought it was a perfect place with no diseases etc. before realising the Morlox were eating the Eloi as they were made lazy as the Morlox did everything for them (e.g. made clothes, food) The Morlox were able to exercise their brains unlike the Eloi. The Eloi exploited the Morlox for 1000's of years before the Morlox were eating the Eloi. This shows that from a small image from the present time (a two-tier society) inflicts the thought of the future although are becoming further apart.But in 1960 George Pal the director of the film also called "The Time Machine" This time the director had to include two other historic landmarks, World War 1 (1917) and World War 2 (1940). These first two stops in the film made people believe his predictions for the future, which was that there would be a 3rd World Nuclear War. It was far from that as 1966 is known to be remembered for a time of love and peace, although at the time of making the film this would have been a very reasonable suggestion, as at the time there was a cold war and a threat of an atomic warfare.This shows how difficult it is to predict the future even as little as six years, and also the present seriously shapes the view of the future.

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