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How Do Black Holes Form And Could They Be A Threat To Earth

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LaMar Pierre Jackson Jr.
Mrs. Matthews
Freshman Composition
26 November 2012

Black Holes
How Do Black Holes Form and Could They Be a Threat To Earth?
The universe is a realm filled with wonder, excitement, chaos, and an endless series of questions. Within this mysterious realm lie’s an infinitive number of stars, galaxies, planets, and countless other astronomical phenomenon’s. Though these are all wonders in their own right, many more wonders dwell out in the ever expanding universe; and none is more wondrous than the infamous black hole. From Einstein’s theory of relativity to the miraculous super nova, these contributions have helped scientist understand black holes right down to ...view middle of the document...

Once this dark void of absolute power is formed it is inescapable, not even light can escape its overwhelming gravitation (Hawking 103).
By this understanding, scientist are able to determine how gravity’s most feared entity forms, and can one of these catastrophic explosive events threaten the security of Earth. An explosion of a supernova near Earth would be devastating, due to the fact that when a massive star explodes it unleashes heat energy on a apocalyptic scale capable of vaporizing any object within a millisecond. This would instantaneously incinerate all life on Earth and ultimately destroying the planet. Even if Earth somehow survived the extreme heat of a supernova, the result of a supernova would be a black hole which would cause Earths ecosystems to flair out of control, or Earth could be ripped to shreds by the black holes supreme gravity.
Although scientist know how the exhaustion of a massive star can cause the birth of a black hole which is better known as a stellar black hole, the question remains what is the extent of their all powerful size. The mathematical formula used to calculate the radius of these monsters is the Escape Speed Equation which is vesc=√2GMR. By knowing this formula can help scientist to determine how big these cosmic monstrosities can actually become. Black holes that have a mass of about twenty times more than the Sun are classified as stellar black holes, while black holes that have approximately a thousand to a billion tons of mass and gravitation are known as Supermassive black holes.
Supermassive black holes are said to be at the center of every galaxy in the universe, even Earth’s very own Milky Way Galaxy. In his book EARTH, James F. Luhr states that it has been discovered that there is a Supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy which confirms their existence (Luhr 45). The Supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy is called Sagittarius A (paragraph 5 Canright). Now knowing this information that in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy lies a Supermassive black hole the question remains is this a threat to Earth? The answer is no reason being is that Sagittarius A is 26,000 light years away from Earth, so Earth can never be sucked in by a Supermassive black hole. However if Earth was near a Supermassive black hole, Earth could be thrown out of orbit of the Sun causing all life to freeze to death or the gravitation of the Supermassive black hole would cause Earths movement to head into the Sun which would instantaneously eliminate Earth’s inhabitants and the core itself.
Black holes are nothing more than a huge puzzle with questions like; how do they form, why do they exist for so long. However with every puzzle comes a set of laws or structural ruling. In his book Black Holes And Baby Universes And Other Essays, author Stephen Hawking addresses the fundamental principle that goes into understanding these cosmic entities with the law of physics that Albert...

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