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How Different In Cosmetics Advertising Between Thailand And The United Kingdom?

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How different in cosmetics advertising between Thailand and the United Kingdom?

All businesses have to do the advertising promoted their brand and products. Many companies have their own marketing department, whereas some use outsource marketing service for create the advertising. This method helps the company to reduce the cost (Johnson, 1997). The marketing technical of each company use the different strategy that the most appropriate for the company. Hence, each company has their own vehicle to do the advertising strategy. In terms of the cosmetic industry, the companies use the advertisements in different ways. The companies are choosing the marketing strategy suitable for the ...view middle of the document...

( McCabe,2013)
Thailand and the United Kingdom have different nature to create the advertising in each country. Most cosmetic brands in Thailand has imported from the international brands both drug store brand an premium brands to sell in the country such as Mac cosmetics (Irosado, 2009) from United States and Tom Ford from the United Kingdom in luxury brands and Maybelline and Revlon these two brands from United States in type of drug store brands. Thus, some import trader in Thailand use the advertising same as the head company advertising in that countries to launch in Thailand. In particularly, the expensive cosmetic brands such as Dior, Chanel and Lancôme.
However one cosmetics company, Maybelline was created a new advertising for Thailand by used the famous actress in Thailand, Janie Thienphosuvan to be brand ambassador for the Maybelline. However the structure of advertising still has the same concepts with the original country versions. This advertising created for satisfaction the customer in Thailand because Maybelline is one of popular drugstore brand in Thailand. On the other hand, the United Kingdom use the original advertising from all cosmetic brands the reason is the brand ambassador of each brand are well known in many countries in the world. For example, L'Oréal using Blake Lively is Hollywood’s rising star to be brand ambassador.( Akbareian,2014) The company does not needs to find a new brand ambassador to promote the brand because Blake Lively is famous in the United Kingdom also.
In term of channel categories to promote the cosmetic advertisement in both Thailand and the United Kingdom, there are differences in some ways to communication with the customer in each countries. First, advertisement on television, this channel is the most expensive so two countries use celebrities on the advertising (Mallory,2014). To compare with the other categories, this way can communicate directly with the customer but it is not the best way. The company using this way to make the strong brand and establish reliability of the brand and the last reason for awareness to consumer in all age and gender. Second, magazines is the most popular ways to launch an advertisement of every cosmetic company. The company can communicate directly with the target customers.
Focus on the women magazine, such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health and Marie Claire in UK. For Thailand women’s magazines are Preaw, Seventeen, Vogue, Elle, Lips, Clio, Scawaii and Image international magazines also popular in Thailand. All of the cosmetics brand spend the most budget advertisement for magazines, the company can access the target market by using this way (Tiggemann, McGill 2004). For example, Etude House is the popular Korean cosmetic brand in Thailand, the company promotes the brand by using advertisement in Seventeen magazines, which is teenager magazine in Thailand. On the other hand, United Kingdom, Tom Ford cosmetic company launches the advertising in...

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